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Why Agentbong ?

Local Part Time Cleaner

Part Time Helper

Part Time Helper

Looking for part time maids in Singapore for house cleaning that are legal? Our local part time house cleaner in Singapore are vetted and legal. No foreign domestic helpers. We’ll send a helper to where you need our part time helper to be. Just post a house cleaning job hassle-free, with cashless payment.

There are no part time maid agency in Singapore, nor will commercial cleaning company provide a helper on a part time basis. That is why you have Agentbong to fill this niche to help Singapore get their household chores done.


Home Cleaning Services

Our Services

  • Vacuum & mop floor
  • Wiping of furnitures, table Tops & fittings
  • Wiping of cabinet interiors and shelves if it’s empty
  • Clean & polish all mirrors
  • Wash & disinfect of bathtub, basin & toilet bowl
  • Scrubbing & washing of toilet floors & walls
Part Time Cook, Home Chef

More House Cleaning Services

Additional Services

Extra charges and/or hours may incur.

  • Laundry - ironing and folding
  • Cooking
  • Dishwashing
  • Cleaning interior of windows (helper can reject if the job appears to have safety issue)
  • Cleaning interior of oven, stove & hood
  • Food preparation

What's not included ? (Please choose deep cleaning when booking a job if you want the following tasks to be done)

  • Wipe & clean all ceiling fans and normal light fixtures
  • Wiping of both internal & external windows where possible and within means of the the Helper
  • Dust & clean furnitures in balcony or outdoor areas
  • Wiping of exterior light fixtures (Within means of the Helper) in balcony or outdoor areas
  • Wiping of glass windows & metal grilles in balcony or outdoor areas
  • Cleaning of degreasing of kitchen hob
  • Deep clean exterior of oven, stove & refrigerator
  • Stain removal

Suggested hours

Home Size 600 sq ft or less 600 sq ft to 900 sq ft More than 900 sq ft
Suggested hours per week 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours

House Cleaning Service Prices

If you book a longer term package, we will try our best to always arrange the same helper for you.

Ad Hoc

S$26 per hour
  • No discount
  • One Off
  • Min. 3 hours
    Book anytime
  • Book Now

22 Hours

S$22 per hour
  • 15% OFF
  • Validity: 130 Days
  • 3 - 4 hours per job
    1 - 2 jobs fortnightly
  • Book Now

22 Hours

S$21 per hour
  • 20% OFF
  • Validity: 65 Days
  • 3 - 4 hours per job
    1 - 2 jobs per week
  • Book Now

35 Hours

S$20 per hour
  • 23% OFF
  • Validity: 31 Days
  • 3 - 4 hours per job
    2 - 3 jobs per week
  • Book Now
  • Tasks assigned within the number of hours booked is not guaranteed to be completed; extension of service hours might be required. Please book the number of hours carefully and choose the most suitable package based on your own needs.
  • When you subscribe a package, the number of hours for each job session can be varied. Minimum working time starts from 3 hours.

Additional Charges

Item Charges
Late hours allowance (10pm - 11:59pm) + $10 / job
Late hours allowance (12am - 5:59am) + $20 / job
Travel allowance* + $10 / job
  • For locations more than 10 minutes walking from MRT stations.*

Additional Services

Item Charges
Cooking (Family) + $10 / job
Deep Cleaning + $20 / hour
Starred Helper + $2 / hour

One Time Charge

Item Charge
Mop & Bucket Set + $50
Cleaning Supplies + $70

Terms and Conditions

  • You can cancel any job booking 48 hours in advance without any additional charges.
  • Cancelling or change of timing between 48 and 24 hours before the job starts will incur an admin charge of equivalent to 1 hour of our service charge.
  • After you have selected a helper for a bundle package, cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining value of the bundle package will be charged when the package expires.
  • The same helper will be assigned for a regular job unless unexpected circumstances that the helper is no longer capable of performing the job
  • Home Owners/Users/Customers, are to supply their own cleaning equipment, materials & solutions to the Helpers for the chosen service. The quality and result of the cleaning service is dependent on what was supplied to the Helper for their task.
  • Home Owners/Users/Customers, may request the Helper to assist in purchasing any required equipment, material or solutions to perform the job. Reimbursement of the requested purchase is a separate charge to the rates of the service, and has to be paid to the Helper.
  • Helpers reserves the right to reject to perform any cleaning tasks that they deem it’s a life and health risk . Eg. cleaning of an object or area at a high location and requires climbing.
  • At any point in time, the Helper will not do any lifting of furnitures & appliances, removal of displayed ornaments or contents within the cabinets or storage units to do the necessary cleaning. If cleaning is required for such areas, the User/Customer will be required to move or remove such items prior to the arrival of the Helper or start of the service.
  • If laundry washing service is required, all washing to be done only using washing machine and not manual hand wash.
  • Domestic Cleaning service required will be a minimum of 3 hours of booking per session, and dependent on the area of the home, either additional hours will be required or the Helper will just complete what they can within the 3 hours.
  • The Helper is only meant for the job scope specified in the Agentbong app and will not perform any requests that are not agreed in the posted job in the Agentbong app.
  • Any household items, appliances or fixtures that require dismantling for cleaning, will have to be done by the Users/Customers themselves, as the Helper might not be trained to perform such dismantling tasks. Failure on the part of the Users/Customers to perform this task prior to the the beginning of the service, the Helper will not be required to clean the item.
  • Users/Customers are liable for financial damages claimed by Agentbong Singapore, if Users/Customers are found to have tried to poach or entice Helpers to work for them without going through the Agentbong’s job matching process.